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I’ve been (almost) everywhere, man

These are the states i’ve visited so far:   This is generated from – the states are color coded with green for places i’ve lived or spent at least several weeks visiting, blue for those i’ve visited up to a couple of weeks, amber and read for short visits and just passing through. Time… Read more »

Peelander Z

I don’t know if i can really say much more than that this was one of the craziest and most fun shows i’ve seen in a long time. Turf Club, St. Paul, MN, Sept 19, 2013.


Hang on, just moving the deck chairs around, back in two shakes.   make that three shakes.

Cruel to be Kind

This is my current song obsession. I like other Nick Lowe songs but it’s really hard to top Cruel to be Kind as a perfect little nugget of pop music. Exactly as long as it needs to be, and even though he had a reputation to just bash out songs, this is perfectly crafted. Listen… Read more »

All your important song questions answered by a goat

Where have all the flowers gone? I have to be honest, i et ‘em. I et ‘em all. Is it really so strange? It shouldn’t be, i mean, flowers are delicious. Most of them. Thistles are a bit chewy. Where are the clowns? I don’t keep track of clowns. They don’t taste good, what with… Read more »