I’ve been (almost) everywhere, man

These are the states i’ve visited so far:



This is generated from http://www.defocus.net/visitedstates/generate.html – the states are color coded with green for places i’ve lived or spent at least several weeks visiting, blue for those i’ve visited up to a couple of weeks, amber and read for short visits and just passing through. Time magazine has a short quiz that’s supposed to show your best personality fit among the states (I belong in Oregon).

An interesting thing about the map for me is how it reflects that most of the traveling i’ve done was by car. I imagine people who have mostly traveled by plane would have lots of blue color in a few states, but otherwise blank. A lot of my colors in the west were started when we took a road trip the summer i turned 8, driving from Indiana to Oregon with stops at Yellowstone and the redwoods, looping back through Nevada (us kids being denied use of the bathrooms in the Reno casinos on our way through), the whole trip in the Chevy van my dad had customized with a bed in the back, with bench seat and table for playing cards. Three speed on the tree, thermos of coffee by his seat.

The map would be a lot less red to the east and south if i hadn’t taken a road trip with my mom to visit my aunt and uncle in Boston, or the college road trip to Florida and New Orleans.

There were other trips out west, and yet Montana would still only be pink if not for the extra 3 days my brother and i spent in Bozeman getting the transmission of his truck rebuilt so we could continue on our way to visit my dad in Oregon.

When visiting family recently, i found out that one of my second cousins hadn’t ever left her home state. My kids could fill in a fair number of those states too, between car trips and our train trip from St. Paul to Portland. We never traveled a ton when i was a kid outside of that first adventure, and i don’t expect i’ll exactly be able to take mine around the world either. But i’m happy they’ve at least gotten a taste of it, and that i could help plant the idea that the world is bigger than our back yard.

(not included: Germany and Japan)